Admissions Staff Directory

General Admissions Contact
(707) 664-2778 (Main Line)
(707) 664-2060 (FAX)

First Time Freshman Applicants Admissions Team

Example: If you have applied as a first-time freshman and your name is Ralph Anderson, your Admission Specialist is Rebecca Wright (A-DT).

(A-D) Rebecca Wright
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3474

(E-LEN) Jose Padilla
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-2004

(LEO-RH) Karly Wilson
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3505

(RI-Z) Delia Plikuhn
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3028

Transfer Student Applicants Admissions Team

Example: If you are a transfer student and your name is Julia Ford, your Admissions Specialist is Sherrie Traverso.

(A-DIC) Kimberly Rycroft
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3027

(DID-KR) Sherrie Traverso
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3021

(KS-RAL) Anna Miller
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3013

(RAM-Z) Margaret Cook-Imoto
Admissions Specialist
(707) 664-3014

Graduate Admissions

Rosanna Kelley
Graduate/Postbaccalaureate Admissions
(707) 664-2252

International Admissions

Kerbrina Boyd
International Admissions/Special Sessions/Transitory Populations
(707) 664-3024

Debra Crow
Pre-Application Contact
(707) 664-2742

Special Populations

Kerbrina Boyd
Admissions Specialist - Special Sessions/Transitory
(707) 664-3024

Billy Lo
Admissions Specialist - Recruited Student Athletes
(707) 664-3030

Admissions Office

Gustavo Flores
Director of Enrollment Management
(707) 664-4388

Natalie Kalogiannis
Director of Admissions
(707) 664-2874

Vicki Johnson
Administrative Support Coordinator
(707) 664-3204