Admissions Appeal Process

If you feel that you have information that will impact your admission decision, please follow the detailed instructions for submitting an appeal packet:

  1. Fill out the proper admissions appeal form. (See below.)
  2. Your appeal packet must include a letter or personal statement clearly outlining your reasons for appealing the initial decision. If you are lacking requirements, it must also include a detailed plan for completing the missing requirement(s). The information you present should be new and compelling.
  3. If appropriate, include documents that will support your appeal. Supporting documents can include: proof of enrollment, recommendation letters, disability documents, etc. If you have disability documents, please reference them in your appeal packet and send them directly to Disability Services
  4. If you are appealing to have  your application reviewed with an impacted major, support from that department is highly recommended.
  5. Please note that every document submitted is reviewed. Make sure you include all documents that are pertinent to your appeal in your appeal packet. Documents not submitted with the appeal packet will not be considered and cannot be submitted after a decision has been made.

Every appeal request is reviewed by the Appeals Committee on a case by case basis. Please submit a complete appeal packet as your appeal will only be reviewed one time. You are only allowed one appeal per application cycle. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

There are three categories of appeals: you have missed a deadline, you applied and you were denied admissions, or you have been admitted but  your admissions is being rescinded because you no longer meet admissions requirements after review  of final documents. Please select the appropriate appeals form and follow the directions carefully. Incomplete appeals packets will be returned without being reviewed . Due to enrollment constraints, all appeals will be considered on a space available basis.

Missed Deadline

To be used when:

  • Your application was cancelled because you did not submit a required document (transcripts, test scores, deposit) by the due date.
  • You are submitting your application after the application deadline or you are submitting an application for a program during a time that it is closed for admissions (Please refer to Filing Information, Dates, and Deadlines (link to app deadlines page)

Missed Deadline Appeal Form (PDF)


Deny Appeal

To be used when:

  • You were denied admissions for not meeting admissions requirements.
  • You are a transfer student that was denied for lacking the requirements of an impacted major and you are requesting a reevaluation of your file under an alternate, non-impacted major.

Deny Appeal Form (PDF)

Rescind Appeal

To be used when:

  • You were admitted and no longer meet admissions requirements after review of your official final transcripts and/or other documents.  Admissions Rescind Appeal requests will be considered on a space available basis and must be received within 7 calendar days of the emailed rescind notification.

Admissions Rescind Appeal Form (PDF)